Suzanne Davis Gets a Life

suzanne davisSWF, witty, attractive, 31 YO [actually 34], seeks a real life in NYC. Men encouraged to apply. Expect roadblocks.

The heroine of Suzanne Davis Gets a Life lounges around her tiny New York City apartment in her pajamas, writing press releases for the International Association of Air-Conditioning Engineers, listening to the ticking of her biological clock, and feeling sorry for herself. As her 35th birthday looms, Suzanne embarks on a characteristically wrong-headed, but very funny, quest—to find Mr. Right and start the family she hopes will give meaning to her life.

Suzanne’s quest plunges us into the world of her Upper West Side apartment building—a world of overly invested mothers, fanatical dog-owners, curmudgeonly aged Jews, and young (and not so young) professionals. All are keenly observed by Suzanne, our feckless narrator, whose witty self-deprecation endears her to us even as it makes us want to shake some sense into her.

Suzanne Davis Gets a Life is a fast, clever read, light in its tone but incisive in its social satire. We can’t help but wish Suzanne success in getting a life. But is she on the right track? Can her search possibly yield the meaning she craves? When she is diagnosed with cancer and her extremely annoying mother arrives to take care of her, it appears that her plan has been hijacked. But has it? The ordeal of treatment opens her to new people and a new perspective. She ends by getting a life, even as she may lose one.